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11-30-2012, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
If WWE brings back one or the other, obviously Jeff is miles ahead of Matt. The merch sales he would bring in, along with the fact that everyone loves the guy and he would become the #2 face right away, would have WWE foaming from the mouth as they handed him a contract offer. Matt on the other hand, while once was deemed "Everyone's favorite wrestler," has seen his stock hit rock bottom. He did it to himself, quite frankly, with all his dumb videos and grapes.

As a team, I think WWE could see some interest. They could really do wonders with making teams more legit, like the Primetime Players. Teams like Rey/Sin Cara and Bryan/Kane are already considered legit because of their history as singles wrestlers. However, a team like PTP could really benefit from a feud with the Hardyz that would ultimately see them going over. Maybe even for the titles.

I think if Jeff can stay clean and Matt can stay... not stupid, this could work.
I see your point in terms of them being able to push the tag team division, but I think Jeff Hardy as a single is more valuable to the company than Jeff Hardy as matt's tag partner. I think it would be easier to sell jeff hardy merch than hardy boys merch.

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