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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
B. What are you arguing the Oilers for? Aren't we talking about the Leafs? And duh...yes when you are able to draft 3 first overall picks 3 years in a row its not from being a good team who is neccessarily well managed. Don't understand what you are implying.
The quintessential argument why Burke is a terrible GM [ignore the lucky Stanley Cup win and his record with Nonis and the Canucks] and a failure to Toronto is grounded on the results of the team thus far. Not my argument, but the argument of many.

If you look at the Oilers, everyone from here to Sweden thinks they are doing everything right and should be the gold standard for how to build a Stanley Cup Champion team.

Problem is if you take the results of the Oilers franchise as the only factor to determine the quality of work being done in Edmonton... well you end up thinking far less of Tambellini than Burke. But no one says anything of it.

It's just a contradictory stance to make your argument based on. Go on and ask people who despise what Burke is doing and love what Tambellini is doing. The correlation is very high between those who hate Burke for getting little to no results and those love Edmonton for the future that the team holds.

Question is: why hold Burke responsible for his results yet ignore the Oilers results and base them off of what potential they hold?

I'm comfortable with the assessment that Edmonton has more potential sure, but Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul, Rielly, Gardiner, Kadri, JVR, etc. etc. arn't chopped liver.

The Toronto Maple Leafs potential is quite good right now IMHO and I'm also comfortable with letting that assessment sit until we know more.

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