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Originally Posted by Diamondillium View Post
Neither Daryl or Merle are in the comics, those are TV only characters. Maggie did not get captured, in the comics Michonne was already part if Rick's group at this point, and she gets captured along with Glenn, Rick, and maybe Tyreese, I forget if Tyreese was there though. Hershell's leg loss is a replacement of Dale from the comics, not Daryl. Dale survives a long time in the comics.

And yeah, TV writers did change all that, some for the better, some for the worse.
Comic book spoilers...

It wasn't Dale who had his leg amputated in prison. It was Allen. Dale had his done much later on the road during the series with the Hunters. Rick, Glen and Michonne were captured when checking out the helicopter crash. The stories and characters are very different from book to screen. No Michonne **** at the hands of the Governor really changes her character. Same with Rick not getting his hand amputated by the governor or Carl putting down the evil twin of Allen's two boys.

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