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Originally Posted by vanwest View Post
Not all of them created it. If you're last name is Molson you have a pretty good head start as did Aquilini in Vancouver and Gaglardi of the Dallas Stars. Some of them created the wealth and some of them inherited a lot of it.
And you're almost obtusely missing the point.

I don't care if every owner inherited their wealth from Daddy or a magic genie. It still doesn't change the fact that the wealth they've accumulated had nothing to do with owning a hockey franchise. I can hardly say the same for the players.

And for the umpteenth time, it's called "SEPARATE ENTITIES" . Because they're wealthy in other endeavors doesn't mean they should piss even a single penny away to help support another one. Some of them like Pagula choose to do it because he's basically a message board poster fanboy who can afford an NHL franchise (among other things), but others don't feel they should be obligated to do the same. Nor should they.

Pro PA fans get annoyed that we're essentially telling them to shut up and play? Nothing irks me more than people saying "Well the owners are rich in other ways, so it shouldn't bother them to lose millions a year"

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