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Originally Posted by FirmestPiano View Post
So what you're saying is he has the potential to play on a second line, mainly as an offensive player? Can you comment more on his skating and shot? From what I've heard before his skating was at best average, but recently I've also read that it's not really a problem. From what I could gather his shot is also quite underrated, am I right? Your input would be greatly appreciated!
Well aside from his ''physical'' tools, I would say his skating and shot are his best attributes for sure.

He does not have the quickest first stride, but I'm always surprise as to how fast he is going on the ice. He is not slow, and he is not a speedster, he is just fast. For a guy his size, already being ''just'' fast is pretty good. He's got plenty of time to work on his acceleration.

As for his shooting, it is not perfect. He needs a bit of time to get it off, but that can be worked on. He has a lot of strenght on his shot, it's heavy, goaltenders have trouble controlling the rebounds. It's not as accurate as a Joe Sakic of course, but it's getting there. He can definitely pick the corners.

If I were to rate Matteau NHL13-style with relation to his peers (CHLers), here's how I'd do it:

Acceleration: 6/10
Speed: 8/10
Passing: 6/10
Stickhandling: 7/10
Vision: 8/10
Shooting power: 9/10
Shooting accuracy: 7/10
Hitting: 9/10
Agressiveness: 9/10
Intensity: 7/10
Defensive coverage: 5/10
Poke checking: 6/10
Shot blocking: 5/10
Overall awareness: 7/10
Hockey sense: 8/10

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