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11-30-2012, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by olop View Post
I don't really know much about your goalies/goalie prospects/goalie coaches, but sounds like there's something wrong in your coaching staff, if they can't get the best of your prospects( I believe that Crawford could've been better by this time for example, with good coaching).

One thing that goalie coaches, in Finland at least, seem to point out is that goalies are weird personalities and usually "lone wolves" in a team, so the coach needs to build up more of one's self confidence and mental strentgh than just technique etc.

And I've wondered why NHL teams don't get goalies from European leagues more (especially Finland and Sweden have been doing a great job with goaltenders for years). And I mean the more experienced, proven ones. There are a lot of great goalies here, even between ages 27-35, who could probably be quite reasonable-priced and solid in NHL-level also. Well at least for phew years, until you find that great prospect for #1.

I really didn't have any point for posting this Just wondering if there's some other reasons for your pretty bad goaltending, than just bad drafting.

Oh and Niemi was in Finland playing for a while and he was terrible. There were at least 10 better starting goalies in the league.
There were at least 10 better starting goalies in the NHL when Niemi won the Cup in 2010 as well.

But from everything I remember, the entire 2010 team echoed your statement about him being a "lone wolf."

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