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11-30-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
Still very few,

Also most of those guys are top forwards.

And were there due to teams not having a choice, ex Ryan because Perry and Selanne played RW, heck one of the reason why Lupul was trade was because Randy Carlye didn't want to move him to LW, and took Wilson who was desperate need someone to play with Kessel to try him there and it worked.

Same thing for Perron, the Blues were loaded on RW and moved him to LW.

Vrbata I'm not sure, but I believe he played RW, with Whitney playing LW, but I know one of them had to play RW and the other LW, because Doan was the other top 6 RW.

Teams try to have a right handed player playing RW and RD, because makes it soo much easier defensively on them, but since there are more lefties than guys that are right handed, you see a lot of guys like ex Cole (LHS) that play RW, Gorges (LHS), that is able to play RD (moved to LD when paired with Subban).
There doesn't need to be a systematic approach for everything. Players play where they help the team the most (which you also seem to agree with). That's it. Players who can play a variety of positions are valuable for that reason.

Then there are players who can ONLY lay their off wing, like Cole. He didn't get moved to RW because there were too many LH players on his teams. He's tried and failed on the LW (in Edmonton). The RW allows him to drive wide with one hand on the stick, which is pretty much his only effective method of gaining the offensive zone. Don't just assume that every player is better on their natural side. It's different from case to case.

The people who are saying Leblanc can play LW are saying so because he HAS played on the LW before, and succeeded (or had a very minimal drop off in comparison to his time at C). Who cares what the majority of players do? How does that have any relevance in this context?

EDIT: This is getting too OT in a Lars Eller thread. I'm stopping here.

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