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11-30-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ahmon View Post
Good to hear positive about Hutton. Where do you listen to his games?
I just click the link listed in the schedule:
Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
@feebster What's up with Rodin in your opinion and why isn't he scoring more? Does he play too much on the perimeter as well?
Not moving his feet or winning the puck battles enough. Too passive, needs to be more assertive with the puck (not even when he shooting, but passing/cycling the puck, too many intercepted). Can be invisible through large portions (periods even) of the game. After a fairly good 2nd half last season plus his first truly healthy off season of training, it is a bit baffling how his play has regressed.

Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
I don't disagree that given the same production, Kassian is a more attractive prospect but that's expected given his draft position. But it's not as if the margin between the two of them is as big as to say one is a promising prospect and the other is a total worthless piece of crap, which a lot of people seem to be doing. Besides, they both have things they're better at than the other guy it's not as if Kassian is just flat out better at everything.

I've said before, Schroeder is #5 on my list (Kassian, Lack, Jensen, Corrado... Tanev doesn't count, otherwise he would be behind Kassian, probably), so it's not as if I'm totally crazy even though the way I defend Schroeder is might seem like it.
Hopefully that does not include me! Because that is not my intent as i've largely defended him against the "bust" comments. I still think he is a good prospect with the skill and talent to make it to the NHL, but 60-70 pt projection is definitely more than i'd envision. Not many players reach that level and i don't think Schroeder's shown that he's capable of that. But i agree with your rankings.

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