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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
Comic book spoilers...

It wasn't Dale who had his leg amputated in prison. It was Allen. Dale had his done much later on the road during the series with the Hunters. Rick, Glen and Michonne were captured when checking out the helicopter crash. The stories and characters are very different from book to screen. No Michonne **** at the hands of the Governor really changes her character. Same with Rick not getting his hand amputated by the governor or Carl putting down the evil twin of Allen's two boys.
More comic spoilers. (perhaps there should be 2 different threads for TWD, similar to game of thrones, one for comic readers, one for non-comicers)
I could be mistaken since it's been years since I've read the prison arc, but didn't both the leg amputations occur during the prison arc? I know Allen's was right when they got there, but I thought Dale's was when they were out getting gas for their prison bus, or something like that. I was thinking more along the lines of Hershell surviving with 1 leg rather than Hershell's actual bite when comparing to Dale, although I can see how the bite itself is much closer to the Allen situation.

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