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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
I've never called trottier a "leetch", but having bossy and potvin boosted him and he even says in his legends of hockey video that he had more success because of bossy. Trottier was good, but offensively he really isn't in crosby's class. If crosby spent his prime years with ovechkin on his wing he would get bashed for it. Trottier just didnt enter the nhl the way Eric Lindros and Sidney Crosby did, they entered the league as Gods, trottier entered the league as a virtual unknown. Trottier has the better career but he wont get my vote for better player, and he definitely didnt get scotty bowman's vote, lol.
Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
They may have entered with hype, but trottier entered with 2 all time greats. Lindros and Crosby are easier to criticize because all of the attention was on them, while Trottier had 2 teammates that were arguably better than him.
Well, like I said he entered the NHL with Potvin already there. Bossy didn't come for two years. I think we saw enough of Trottier in those two years as a youngster to see he didn't need a whole lot of charity. He had a 95 point season. Then 123 in 1978 when Bossy is a rookie. I mean, I don't think we can give Bossy THAT much credit for that particular season. Bossy didn't even crack 100 points that year. There has to be some love to Trottier there.

I think what makes Trottier at least equal to Crosby at his best in my mind is the all around play. Really, Crosby is fine at this but Trottier excelled even better. His defense does trump Crosby's. His physicality too by a bit. Everyone talks about how well Trottier could hit. That has to count for something. And you have to remember, if we are penalizing Trottier for playing with greats, then what do we make of Malkin? See this is why I don't like this because we have enough footage to see how well a player is on his own without saying he needed linemates. I'll go on the record and say both players were too good to need charity. Those great players help, but it shouldn't take anything away from them.

Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
But Phil, those things don't frustrate him when everything's clicking for him and the Pens.

What bothers Crosby is losing and underperforming. When that happens, he gets angry and looks for an edge elsewhere. That isn't being "taken off his game", because clearly, he didn't have his game to begin with.

I fail to see what the Pens losing the game against the Flyers when Sid fought has to do with anything, too. They were down 3-1 when he decided to fight, and fared better in the series on the whole afterward. And again, as I pointed out, Crosby can't be faulted for not stopping pucks.
Well that's the thing that's bothered me about him so far. No one ever wins when they play frustrated. Mad, maybe but not frustrated. I realize he is a competitor and that is what I love about him but part of hockey is keeping your composure too. The game is 60 minutes long. Look, he just took too many penalties in last year's playoffs. This was a series where no goalie looked good, in fact they looked awful. I hate to say it, and boy do I ever, but Claude Giroux had it figured out more because he just blitzed and went at Fleury and shot a lot. Crosby spent too much time with the nonsense.

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