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11-30-2012, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
The Oilers and Leafs have had two different strategies to rebuilding.
Tambo embraced a full rebuild and has stuck to it ever since. He realized his team and prospects were crap. He traded away Penner and got Klefbom, a top defensive prospect. He has also shyed away from over paying FA's in the past years. Could he have thrown all his money at Suter? yes, but rather he went hard after Schultz and landed another top d prospect. Did not signing top free agents and not trading prospects/picks for more established players hurt them the last years? yes. But in keeping on one path he has build a solid core with 4 dynamic forwards and 2-3 top defenseman.

The Oilers have followed one consistant path and strayed from in rarely. This lead them to be a lousy team with top prospects

Burkes intial strategy was win now. Hence the Kessel trade. And since then he has flip flopped from focusing on building the team through prospects vs mortgaging the future to win now. This has left the leafs with decent prospects and decent established players (Kessel is a superior player) But in doing this, he was not able to win this year/last year because he traded established players for prospects (Buechemin) and was also not able to build a solid core because he traded away top picks (Sequin, Hamilton) for established players.

The leafs have flip flopped on ideologies and this has lead them to be a lower quality team with middle of the pack prospects
Kessel was not "win now". He was 21 years old.

And I hope you're not suggesting the reason Edmonton doesn't get a lot of top free agents is by choice.

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