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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
#1. He has also shyed away from over paying FA's in the past years.

#2. 2-3 top defenseman.

#3. Burkes intial strategy was win now. Hence the Kessel trade.

The leafs have flip flopped on ideologies and this has lead them to be a lower quality team with middle of the pack prospects
Couldn't disagree more.

#1. Edmonton has employed a full on drafting rebuild strategy for one; it is a guaranteed form of player acquisition with little cost and two; the Oilers have a very difficult time in the FA market signing established top tier NHL players. It makes perfect sense for their franchise. It isn't as black and white as saying "Tambellini could have signed whomever if he wanted but chose a superior path". Both approaches have risks and the Oilers and Tambellini chose the one best suited for their franchise.

#2. Edmonton has good defensive prospects but where are you getting 2-3 top defensemen? Neither of these prospects have made an impact at the NHL level and chances are they don't have a #1 defenseman in the bunch... to me your assessment is off. I agree they are good, don't get me wrong, but so are Gardiner and Reilly. And where is Edmonton's answer for Phaneuf? The truth is they don't have one.

#3. Burke's strategy is heavily contested and I won't say it is the best strategy either but it is most definitely not a "win now" strategy. I don't think I need to inform you how old Kessel was at the time of the trade and I probably don't have to present to you a list of Burke's trades and acquisitions either to show he's been acquiring young talent for the future of the franchise.

We can debate all day but I think it really boils down to this: if you water down the argument of Burke vs. Tambellini into a comparison of prospects than you are only telling half the story. You are essentially excluding any players 22 and up due to the nature of any impact player graduating to a different status.

Most of Burke's best acquisitions are still well before or just hitting their prime now. When you consider that you get this:




You could argue all day about who wins the match up and I'd even be inclined to go with Edmonton based purely on their potential, but it surely paints a different picture than you are presenting: top tier versus mediocre. It's simply not true.

And to get the argument back on track: an only results based argument for judging Burke either means you are contradicting yourself when you consider the Oilers, or you just happen to think they suck and so does Tambellini too. It is far more prudent argument to look at what Burke has acquired and consider what the potential of those players are too.

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