Thread: News Article: Jacobs shuts up Jets mgmt rep
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11-30-2012, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BrianSTC View Post
There is no integrity in the media anymore. How a story is "reported" entirely depends on the point of view of the reporter and the spin that is put on the story.

For example, would Nick Kypreos ever ask the NHLPA a hard question?

The days where the media just reported the facts are long gone. I can type pages and pages of incident where the MSM has intentionally mislead their audience.

Why are these so called bloggers not held to the same standards that we are on this board? If I posted something, I would have to give a source for it to be credible. Yet some blogger is not held to the same standard?

The first question I asked is, "How did this guy know what went on behind closed doors?"

Does it seem reasonable that owner or GM would leak this? Not likely.
Thats why I call BS on the story.
Just fyi, this is not "some blogger". On this site we maintain a higher standard for things like this than that, personal blogs from people not connected to media are generally not allowed as sources.

This is a reputable journalist working for reputable media organization (Comcast Sportsnet). He is a legitmate reporter. Now that by no means makes the story completely true, just saying this is not a random blogger, he is a legitmate journalist with a reputation to protect and standards to follow. Then again so does Gary Lawless yet look at the barely legible and often plainly false crap that moron puts out...

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