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11-30-2012, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by wilty00 View Post
Is it just me or are people completely ignoring the whole revenue sharing debate right now?

Could this thing not be resolved simply by bumping the revenue sharing up to where it needs to be (I know the owners will never agree) in principle for every team to grow to be competitive? If the players really wanted to play they should've proposed a huge boost in revenue sharing equal to the amount their shares are being cut. That way teams that are losing money are propped up until they can make it, and the big money teams like the Leafs and Rangers aren't getting out of this thing with a huge expense cut and profit boost... am I oversimplifying this?
From a purely selfish fan perspective why would I want my money making team that has trouble signing free agents subsidizing a team in Phoenix or Florida that normally wouldnt be able to afford certain free agents and is now able to bid against me using my own money.

Id imagine owners probably have a similar outlook

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