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Originally Posted by Fishhead View Post
Years ago, both Winnipeg and Quebec lost their teams because they weren't financially viable.... They were exactly the same as the lame duck teams now in the not so distant past. The main reason they are viable now is because of the power of the Loonie. The fans in both of those places are fantastic, and are undoubtedly deserving of a team, but the real test is going to be when the dollar drops again. They were very smart in securing multi-year commitments from their season ticket holders, and things are going great now, but what happens when payroll costs rise substantially when the dollar inevitably goes down? That's the big question.
I personally doubt that the dollar hits .64 cents again, escpecially with our dollar being attached to the price of oil.
Hamilton, sure, I think they could easily support a team. But, that's just one team. The facts are, you can't just move teams all willy-nilly. Fees have to be paid, and so on. Relocation is a very expensive process, not something that smart people do unless it's a last resort.

A preferable option is to create a league where teams can be stable and be somewhat successful financially even when times get tough. I'd hate to see one of the Alberta teams or Winnipeg struggling because of outside forces like the CAD, just like I hate to see the US teams struggle because the USD sucks right now.
Why not? It seems like that's how it went down with WPG1.0 and QUE1.0.

That's not at all why they are struggling: They pay their players in US dollars. The buying power has little impact when it's contained with-in the country and it is relatively equal to a neighbouring country.

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