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11-30-2012, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesFanatic View Post
Both sides suck. Redbull, union members NEVER want to take a pay cut. I work for one of the biggest unions in the country. Pay cut is never in the equation. Not saying I agree, but thats the way they play. I know some will say the players caved last time, which they did. But unions in general never talk about paycuts as part of the answer.

I do believe that the owners should honor the contracts from the past CBA thats only fair. they were signed under the old rules.
Something to remember, the sports PAs aren't real unions. There are two classes of players, the scrubs and the elites. The "union" serves the rich elites at the sacrifice of the more plentiful scrubs. That's not how a real union works.

As for honoring the old deals, the agents at least fully expected a rollback, which was why so many of them were front-loading deals with disproportionate big dollars prior to the 12-13 year in long-term deals.

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