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Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
Because when a middle class family put money and time so that their kids can play hockey they don't do it as a risk. They don't expect him to play in the NHL, they do it because he like to play and sports are good for the kids. It's a game is for the fun first, that's why you play hockey, you don't do it as a risk to play in the NHL(that's the deam, but not a realistic one for most).
A friend of mine, whom I went to CEGEP with, was high school friends with an NHL player currently considered a "good" bottom-6 player; he has a contract lasting more than 3 years paying more than 1.5 million per year.

What my friend told me is that they used to play hockey together among their friends, and until age 15 or so he wasn't better than the others in his group -- he was an equal among equals.

At that point however, he decided he wanted to make the NHL. He started practicing a lot harder, and slowly came to dominate against his group. He ended up being drafted in the late NHL rounds. This means that at this time, he was probably putting less time into school and into business than his friends. It's not really "middle-class" people who become hockey players, it's "upper-middle class" people. Their lives are nearly sure things when they put in the effort, much more so than the rest of us. If they're focusing on a hockey career, they give up a lot.

In the case of this hockey player, it really worked out. He's having very good career, and has made his money many times over. With that said, for every guy like him, there must be many who fail. He's as such very lucky on some level. I just looked him up on hockeydb, hhis injury history is quite marginal.

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