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Originally Posted by bluemandan View Post
For the Blues I would take the duo that set the record for most shut-outs by a tandem, that includes the guy who has the single season save percentage record (hint: he is at the bottom of everyone's list), that has two goalies that will actually suit up instead of just one, and that has youth on their side such that both have the potential to improve.

What's that you say? Halak and Elliott need great defense in front of them? We got that here in St. Louis. And I'm sure that having Selke winner Bergeron and Norris nominee Chara didn't help Rask or Thomas look good at all.....

EDIT: Are people really suggesting they would rather have Rask start 82 games for their team than run with the Jennings winning tandem?

I agree 100 % with you. I rather have Rask be the starter for my team but I couldn't trust Rask to start every game. So for that reason alone I rather have two keeper that one couldn't. So easy answer, Elliot and Halak.

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