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11-30-2012, 08:08 PM
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It seems he and Rafa are both happy to complain about the apparent injustice of it all, but they don't actually want to put themselves at a competitive disadvantage in the rankings.

Then again, Toni makes it out to be a mostly a matter of fatigue and not the unforgiving nature of a hard court that's the problem:

The fault of the injury it’s not, up to Toni, of the schedule in itself but to his tight rhythm that doesn’t allow the players to rest.
tournaments like the one in Abu Dhabi don’t require a big physical effort, it’s completely different.”
If we lose in Doha and Australia at the first round, then we can prepare for Davis. If instead we play four matches in Doha and sixer in Australia, at that point doctors will suggest us to rest..
Wouldn't a clay match fatigue a player just as much if not more than a hard court match? Did Rafa's injury perhaps get worse over the clay season? I also saw headlines today that Rafa might not play Madrid (which may have been founded on this same interview). It's possible, but I sort of doubt that Rafa's and Toni's grudge with Tiriac is so great that they'd forgo the biggest Spanish event.

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