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Originally Posted by Top 6 Spaling View Post
For the record, as mentioned early, Nashville ranked #20 in attendance at 97.5% filled last year. Not bad.

My point is this: You have to let it grow. As you said, it is the responsibility of me - and other small market fans - to grow the game, but going downtown and shouting "Go buy Preds tickets!" won't work. It is a long process. As soon as I have kids, I will be taking them to games, getting them to play youth hockey, etc., but a city becoming a hockey town doesn't happen over night. Right now, many markets are going through growing pains. The hard part is figured out which ones need a few years to mature and which ones are truly just not going to work.

I think that, with the ownership they had, Atlanta was doomed to fail. No problem with moving them, as much as it sucked for Atlanta fans.'s close, and if they are relocated/contracted, I honestly would understand and not be too up-in-arms. But uprooting a team with a consistently growing fanbase and strong community ties shouldn't be uprooted before it has a chance to grow.
97.5 is good but the preds still get a 10 million subsidy from the city that could dry up. I like the press and hope they succeed but if their continued existence depends on the continued largesse of local Tennessee politicians, then this does not bode well. With only 2.5 % of seats unsold if you are going to substantially increase revenues this means Higher ticket prices which I do not know if your market will support.

I agree that it takes time to grow the game and nsh has done a better job than most. The question is how long do you give a franchise to establish a stable market ? It seems that the answer from many small market fans is perpetually "one more year". No one likes the notion of possibility of losing their team but aside from situations like Atlanta where the ownership walked away from the team,at what point does persistent failure in the stands indicates failed market ?

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