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11-30-2012, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
I just spent 13 minutes on the phone with my grandmother doing tech support.

The problem? She switched her TV's input so she could watch something on her VCR and she could not change back to regular TV.

So at first I'm like "just hit the input button", and she says "I'm pressing it but it does not do anything". So then I try to get her to see if the remote (which has universal capability) is in TV mode. She is unable to comprehend that, and after a while I give up and tell her I want to talk to my Aunt, who is living with her lately to help take care of her, and I try to talk her through the procedure of putting the remote into TV mode with no success.

So I decide I need to remember what my grandmothers TV remote actually looks like since I'm going to have to give DETAILED, STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO FIND THE TV BUTTON. I talk to my aunt asking her if the remotes model number is listed at the bottom of the face with the buttons. It is not. I tell her to flip it over and tell me if there is anything on the back. There is not. I tell her to pop the battery cover off and see if there is anything there. There is, but she cant read it because her eyes are the worst in the family. She gives it back to grandma who proceds to give me saveral sequences of numbers, the last of which is the actual model number.

So I pull up the image of the remote LINK (the silver one on the left) and I see, clear as day, the TV button right there in the second row on the left. And I also suddenly realize why this was so hard for both of them: There are two other buttons on the first row, one on each side of the power button. One of them is labled "TV Input" which is the button to actually change input when the remote is in TV mode, and the other is labeled TV/Video, which I assume is for a VCR to switch between its tape and tuner.

So, after what seems like an eternity, I start to give instructions on where to look, starting from the power button, to move down one, and to the left one, to find the TV button.... and somehow grandma screws that up too because she still thinks I am talking about one of the two buttons in the top row. I have to practically scream at her that no, those are not the right buttons. The button she wants is the one that is labeled "TV" and NOTHING ELSE.

After a good minute or two of this she FINALLY spots the button and presses it. Then I tell her to hit the TV Input and what do you know, she gets to watch whatever pile of crap is on TV that she wanted to watch at 8.

I ****ing hate doing family tech support for a family full of techno-illiterates.

Just... ****.

I need some tylenol and a nap.
Reminds me of helping my mom with ANYTHING computer-related. It's painful. You know what's even more painful? Trying to help your aunt with her non-responding printer over the phone. After 40 minutes, I solved the problem: No drivers. She only mentioned it at about 35 minutes in that they had in fact "put a new Windows in".

Then again, they probably think the same of me at some things.

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