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11-30-2012, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by CanuckLuck View Post
This is your problem right here. These players will acquire you nothing of substance if you want to improve. if anything your team will move laterally.

You have to give to get, some fans on both sides of the spectrum don't quite understand that old axiom.
If those guys aren't able to upgrade Ben Scrivens, then there's no deal to be had to upgrade the Leafs goaltending, at least with the Canucks.

In theory, all trades are lateral. You trade equal value for equal value. The way you improve by trade is getting players more valuable to you. What we want to get is a 1b goaltender with some experience to insulate James Reimer. We got one a couple years ago (albeit with a bad contract) for Jason Blake. Guys like MacArthur, Kadri, Ashton, Frattin, mid-round picks certainly should have value to get a goaltender of that calibre. However, we're not going to pay substantially more for an highly hyped and overvalued goaltender like Schneider. For us to move substantially from those players, we'd have to be talking to Los Angeles, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Winnipeg, Dallas, etc. Get a young #1 to build around and pay the exorbinant price that would be required.

The "substance" you're referring to is hype and potential. We're not interested in the former and the latter is nice, but not if it comes at the cost of greater potential. The "substance" the Leafs want is reliability, a guy that can go in when/if Reimer struggles, and consistently allow the Leafs to win hockey games.

Originally Posted by CanuckLuck View Post
This whole Schneider unproven thing is getting a little tiresome. Watch the guy play and get a clue. His athleticism puts Luongo to shame and that's saying something. He hasn't come out of nowhere like an Andrew Raycroft. This is a goalie that has been groomed at every level until he matured enough to take over a starting job. And he was so impressive he's taking over one of the best goaltenders in the league.

I don't suspect Burke will have any interest in acquiring Cory Schneider because quite frankly, Brian Burke is probably the worst GM in history to evaluate goaltenders. Scrivens, Reimer and Rynnas are ****** dime a dozen goaltenders that most teams can compare with in their farm. MAYBE one day one of these 3 goaltenders will be a middle of the pack starter, but that is actually being optimistic. Anyone who mentions any of these three in the same breathe as Schneider are clueless


Sorry for the attitude!

Canucks won't trade Schneider anyways so it's sort of a waste of time to rumour about it. Although I must admit it's a nice change from the usual Luongo talk.
The whole Schneider is unproven thing is a simple fact. The ability to jump from an excellent backup to a #1 NHL role is a substantial jump for any goaltender, one that not all goaltenders are able to make no matter how good their numbers are in a backup / minors role. The reality with goaltending, is that historically, relative to skaters, performance as a backup or in the minors is a very weak indicator of ability as a #1.

Of course, there's certainly potential with Schneider... but really, that's all it is. Yeah, as a Canuck fanboy you'll pump his tires thinking he's the next great #1, but what you fail to realize is that as much as you guys like Schneider, we like Reimer... I'll leave you to realize who's the one that has actually played a #1 NHL role in his career.

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