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12-01-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I thought his excuse about not fighting Silva now was pretty bad.
''Not fighting him because what's next?'' Seriously?..
The same can be said of every Champion when they defend a title, especially if they've done it a few times.
I agree he needs another fight as WW, but that's to get rid of all rust, not because there's nothing after Silva.

Him jumping to MW and staying there made more sense as an excuse.
Assuming he beats Silva, the "greatest MW MMA fighter of all time". GSP becomes the greatest PvP MMA fighter. Do you think he'll be content just to defend his MW title at that point? No. And that's the point of his explanation. He feels there's so much still for him to accomplish (and so much money for him to make) before this super-fight. That fight would really be the cherry on the cake, as he said. The PvP title would seal his legacy. Silva may want the fight more because, apparently, he's considering retiring (not sure if true). So it would make more sense to him. GSP is not at that point in his career, far from it. Strategically and business-wise, it is totally stupid for him to fight Silva in the near future.

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