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11-30-2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
It is pretty clear who the problem is and it is Gary Bettman. This incompetent boob is now 0-for-3 in CBA negotiations. He's lost significant time 3 straight negotiations. And for what? His first CBA was a gigantic disaster while it was lauded as a win for the owners. His second CBA...was a gigantic disaster while it was lauded as a win for the owners. It isn't clear that Gary has a fundamental understanding of what he would actually need to do to make his league financially viable...after around 20 years in the commissioners chair. That makes it kind of difficult for anyone to have any faith that this third time that he's sacrificing a substatial amount of games he's actually going to get it right.

I think he's got a bigger issue if this season is lost--he may lose a portion of next year as well. With the Olympics in Russia, I think a lot of the Russian born players may be quite happy to stay home next season. And others may be happy to join them up through the Olympics. Because it turns out there is another consequence of global capitalism--the NHL has competition for players in overseas markets.

Bettman and the owners are too set on winning everything in one CBA. The smart move would be to propose a shorter CBA as an alternative and come back in 3 years and once again demand concessions of the players and get them then. The owners will eventually be in the same place they would with Bettman's proposal without the substantial loss of time.
I agree with these comments, completely. I think Gary Bettman is definitely manipulated by the owners to some extent, however I think the owners may be more willing to bend than the front being put on by Bettman and the league may show.

Perhaps this proposed players/owners only meeting will help in some way. I still don't see NHL hockey being played this year, though. If this doesn't spell the end for Gary Bettman (and the Fehr brothers, for that matter), then it'll be time for me to stop following NHL hockey any longer. I simply cannot see these guys at the head of this league or any of it's entities after this lockout. This has to be the final straw for us, as fans, to have to put up with this bull-headed nonsense.

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