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11-30-2012, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
I personally doubt that the dollar hits .64 cents again, escpecially with our dollar being attached to the price of oil.

Why not? It seems like that's how it went down with WPG1.0 and QUE1.0.

That's not at all why they are struggling: They pay their players in US dollars. The buying power has little impact when it's contained with-in the country and it is relatively equal to a neighbouring country.
I doubt it hits 64 again, but the 70s wouldn't surprise me at all, its just part of a cycle that always seems to happen. It was in the 70s when Winnipeg and Quebec had to move. Winnipeg moving to Phoenix shows exactly why you can't just up and move a franchise. The Nordiques lucked out because they relocated when they were already a top team. Had they sucked, it probably would have turned out the same way.

And the USD sucking is exactly why those teams are struggling. Not from a team salary standpoint, but disposable income for consumers in the states is at an all time low. People are spending money on essentials in many areas, and if they have to choose what to spend entertainment dollars on, hockey will almost always lose out to the other major sports. There are always going to be struggles with attendance for Phoenix, but some of the other smaller markets don't need much of a push to turn a modest profit and attendance makes a substantial difference.

I simply don't see the problems of this mess addressed by moving teams.

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