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12-01-2012, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jamin View Post
Not that hard to google

He has played 32, 49, 75, 68 games the last 4 years

Hemsky has played 69, 47, 22, 72

224 games for Green versus 210 for Hemsky

Id still say Hemsky's injurie issues are worse then Green's but not enough to "love to hear a rational for this" as if it is just so impossible. Took 2 minutes with tsn to see they were in the same ballpark with games played
I had a big post ready to go, but I'd rather not further derail this thread, so I'll keep it short. Hemsky's issues are all the same, those torn labrums in his shoulder. Those will stay with him in the future. Green has been pretty healthy up until a year and a half ago when he got a concussion, followed by a fluky ankle injury and a sports hernia. Those injuries are totally unrelated, and carry no lasting effects besides an increased susceptibility to concussions (which Hemsky has as well). I was hoping that poster would look a little deeper than games played and discover the difference between Hemsky and Green's situations.

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