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11-30-2012, 11:43 PM
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“I still really believe there’s hope to salvage something from our season and I hope everybody will come to their senses and try to figure something out. We’ve come a long way since 2004 to get this game to a better state as far as competitive balance and everything else. I didn’t think we’d still be talking about this lockout in December. That’s the thing that bothers me the most.”
“When Bettman or (hardline Boston Bruins owner Jeremy) Jacobs are not around, I think people are acting differently, that’s for sure.
For a high profile player, and a consumer of Lou-aid, Marty's always been a straight shooter.

If he's saying these things, you know something (or one) is stinking up these negotiations..
He call out his own teammates, even if somewhat jokingly, when they've underperformed and he's not always been on the best of terms with the PA - so he really has no reason to ******** around, nor does he have a history of it.

If not for the good of the game, for the good of their future paychecks... it's best if hardliners on the ownership side (Jacobs, Leipold) and the synchroinized twitterbots running their mouths (Prust, Rupp) all stayed the hell away from the negotiating room from now on.

Won't happen, though.

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