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12-01-2012, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Hades View Post
The fact that he was able to recuperate after getting knocked down against Condit shows that he's strong and that he has improved since Serra. He also came back and EASILY disposed of Serra after his loss.

I'm not saying that GSP is stronger than Silva so you pointing out that GSP has never destroyed his opponents while Silva has, has nothing to do with it. I'm just pointing out that I believe that mentally, GSP is the toughest. Personal opinion. I don't favor GSP in this matchup, but I think he has what it takes to beat Silva, if not to deliver a great fight at the very least.
I understand that, I'm just trying to understand how one can come to the conclusion that GSP is stronger mentally without any fanatism.
I'm not saying Silva is the stronger one mentally, both of them are on par.
The reason why I brought up the destruction of opponents is because I talked about who looks more invincible out there.

Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
Assuming he beats Silva, the "greatest MW MMA fighter of all time". GSP becomes the greatest PvP MMA fighter. Do you think he'll be content just to defend his MW title at that point? No. And that's the point of his explanation. He feels there's so much still for him to accomplish (and so much money for him to make) before this super-fight. That fight would really be the cherry on the cake, as he said. The PvP title would seal his legacy. Silva may want the fight more because, apparently, he's considering retiring (not sure if true). So it would make more sense to him. GSP is not at that point in his career, far from it. Strategically and business-wise, it is totally stupid for him to fight Silva in the near future.
I just don't buy his comment. There is nothing in the WW division. Who's there? Hendricks? Nick Diaz? Not before he climbs back up the ladder. Is that really what needs to be done? After those two, there'll always be someone else.

If GSP was favored to win this fight, I'm pretty sure his decision would be different.

I also found it ironic when he said he wants to be like the Gretzky of the UFC. Well, beating Silva would do exactly just that. Beating Hendricks or Diaz won't do it by lying on top of them for 5 round won't really do that.

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