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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
I'd agree if depth were even a problem. it isn't. Not even close. Players good enough to get by on a third line are festering in AHL affiliates around the league as it stands right now. I can think of about 3 guys who are scheduled to break camp in Providence if the season ever started, that someone should be giving a chance to.

If your team is so incompetent or so miserly it can't assemble a high level of both talent and depth, then the problem isn't a diluted league. The problem is it's a poorly run team.

A diluted league would look like the opposite of the current NHL situation. If there wasn't a lot of talent to go around most of it would be on the big money franchises for the obvious reason that the big markets are the ones that bring prestige, alternate revenue sources, and A Chance To Win. So if there's not enough talent to go around in any really meaningful sense, you know that's true when you see the richest teams loaded with talent and dynasties galore, and about 25 noncontenders. Kind of like the NBA these days.

What we see instead is about 24 teams in any given year, going into January with a shot to fight their way into the playoffs, and many lower seeded teams advancing a round or two -- or at least putting up the kind of fight the Senators last year, and the Canadiens the year before, made against higher seeded squads.

That means that 24 teams in any given year can assemble enough talent to go to war with the best other teams in the league with a puncher's chance of winning. That kind of talent being available even to the mediocre market is a pretty good sign that the last thing our talent level is, is diluted.
Depth isnt a problem? LOL. Maybe for scrubs. Top 6 quality talent is the worst I've ever seen it across the league.

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