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Originally Posted by BlazinBruins View Post
Haha ok kid. Of course you would say that seeing as how you just got banned for rage quitting. It must have no integrity if we ban rage quitters.
I'm very vocal about that incident, because I willingly left and told my opponent and the GM instantly. game was TIED 1-1 (contradicting why most people, like you, quit out, to take an inevitable win from your opponent) with less than a minute left. My opponent was another cookie cutter exploiting scum, that didn't deserve a point. I don't personally care about winning or losing but I care about wasting my time playing someone that has no remorse for cheating his opponent.

I was instantly banned. no question. he was friends with the comissh. Based on the actions taken, i don't find it coincidental I was in the commish same division tearing up, i was 10-1 as the ducks. Kicked me to have a better chancce winning. i mean he was already pissed at me, yep immature, for not doing an unfair trade he kept hounding me for, as he did with multiple others as well. its a rigged league lead by an immature kid with no care about the 30 people investing their time into it.

done eating your words yet?

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