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12-01-2012, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Not sure if he's insulting Windows mobile or not, but my gf has a Windows Phone and we both absolutely love the interface. I plan on getting a WP8 phone at some point in the future. Far better than Android and iOS, imo.

People always rag on it for apps, but some people seriously just complain to complain. I have friends saying that same thing, and I look at their phone at they have like 150 apps and use about 10. Blows my mind.
wait... are there even Window 8 phones out yet? I didn't think so...

ah, I see it now... Windows 7.5 had some 8 features and the 8s are just recently coming out...

Read the article, tho... he isn't really trashing the mobile version of window 8. he is trashing the desktop version something fierce.

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