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12-01-2012, 02:20 AM
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I've grown tired of all the issues that have come up involving you over the season.. I dealt with the situation where Carolina quit and your still bringing it up.. This happened at least a month ago but you brought it up in the thread for no apparent reason. I questioned him about it got a immediate response about why he did it and rather than remove him from the league warned him about quitting and let him off with a warning because he had a valid reason for what he did and took ownership over the action. After this I got messages from both of you claiming that the other quit so I simply told both of you not to play each other anymore. That should have been the end of that right there and its rather annoying that you keep bringing him up. Later in the first round of the playoffs you are down 2-0 in your series with Philadelphia and about a minute away from going down 3-0.. either you quit or there was a disconnect but you come to the forum and claim that Philadelphia quit and want him removed. Really?? Philadelphia reported that you went straight to the dashboard which indicates that you quit and frankly I believe him because it seems like your taking this game way too seriously and that incident screams desperate attempt to avoid elimination, I really probably should have removed you at that point but let it slide. Now your directly insulting the way I operate this league .. I know you have invested a lot of time in this league and for that reason I don't want to remove you. It's great that your dedicated to the league and look to complete all your games but you really need to either check yourself, stop bringing up past incidents, stop attacking other general managers on the forum, don't expect everybody to play every single game, don't ask me to remove general managers if they miss one or two games (toronto), don't insult the way I run the league or I'm going to ask you to leave the league.

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