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Originally Posted by TheBunk View Post
We have all talked about Burmi and how his progression is making out...but for those who have watched the Caps live or on TV, I would like to know how Telegin has been fitting in? He was all the hype for all the right reasons in the O last year, curious to hear transition to date in the A.
Watching the IceCaps and doing a bit of statistical runnings (don't tell my supervisor) have been the only vacation from school/work I've had lately. I've only missed 2 games so far in the regular season.

I may break down more of the players a bit during the exam break... we'll see. For now I'll just do my favourite IceCap line: Telegin - O`Dell - Klingberg

It's definitely been interesting seeing the coach put the youth together. They have very strong chemistry and as a line on average are probably the IceCaps best and most productive. Their speed on the wings makes this line a ridiculously good forechecking unit. Multiple times I've seen the other teams puck career gets pressured early in their own zone, he then quickly passes it away only to have that guy pressured early as well. This tends to cause the other team to make a lot of mistakes in their own zone.

Klingberg said he wanted to push for the net more this year and strive to get into those dirty areas. Because of this he's getting closer to the net and has seen his SH% raise this year, although it is probably still a lil' high for his norm (this year is 16% last year was 10%). He is definitely the main shooter of the line with the highest SOG/GP (1.88) but last year this was higher (2.38) so it'll be interesting to see if his shots go up as his sh% goes down or not. Either way, he seems to be transferring to the NA style well in his second year. Guy forechecks hard and his speed works well with Telegin playing the opposite wing.

O`Dell was a decently successful OHLer with all but one of his 4 seasons being over a pt/gp (which was 0.97 in his draft +1 year) but then had some setbacks due to heart surgery... because of this he's Truck's new pet prospect. He seems to be the secondary shooter with 1.62 SOG/GP which is about the same as last year so probably consistent with what we should expect. What's really weird is he's posting a 19% sh%, which is also the same as last seasons... but 88 SOG isn't a huge survey size.

Telegin usually doesn't look like a rookie, and really hasn't at all since his first few games, which is a good sign in my mind. It's also a good thing because he seems to fit even with playing a different role. In Barrie, Telegin was the main shooter, with Pearson the secondary and Scheifele the playmaker. In St John's, Klingberg is the main shooter, with O'Dell the secondary and Telegin the playmaker. The only forward on the IceCaps who seems to surpass Telegin in creative playmaking has been Burmistrov. Telegin will likely have to keep this role if he continues to have the smaller share of the pie of shots, with him posting currently 1.40 SOG/GP.

With O`Dell being injured, Maxwell has filled in the role for C this line. Other than that, this has been the most consistent line makeup for the IceCaps, as the rest have been juggled continuously, trying to find the chemistry to get the vets out of their scoring ruts.

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