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12-01-2012, 02:41 AM
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No, you didn't deal with anything. There is no valid reason for rage quitting 4 times in a row. We are in the same division so thats 6 games in a season we are not supposed to play? That game against PHI your talking about there was 18:00 minutes left, not 2:00 and it desynchronised noone quit. When I said Toronto should be kicked it was 3 sim periods in a row where he either ignored me or didn't play his games. And saying that a league is run better than this one is not "directly insulting the way you run this league". I was defending the other league from ToiletKitchens remark. I am the Panthers which means I have the two biggest rage quitters in the league in my division(WPG and CAR). Am I just supposed to not play those games and lose my players to random injuries and get losses because they won't finish the game anyway?

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