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Originally Posted by BlazinBruins View Post
No, you didn't deal with anything. There is no valid reason for rage quitting 4 times in a row. We are in the same division so thats 6 games in a season we are not supposed to play? That game against PHI your talking about there was 18:00 minutes left, not 2:00 and it desynchronised noone quit. When I said Toronto should be kicked it was 3 sim periods in a row where he either ignored me or didn't play his games. And saying that a league is run better than this one is not "directly insulting the way you run this league". I was defending the other league from ToiletKitchens remark. I am the Panthers which means I have the two biggest rage quitters in the league in my division(WPG and CAR). Am I just supposed to not play those games and lose my players to random injuries and get losses because they won't finish the game anyway?
actually I quit twice on you, you quit 3 times on me. I noted it. not that it matters, the GM dealt with it best he could since for whatever reason we couldnt come to an agreement on games.

why are you still bringing it up? and in every post? and in every thread?

its like you are jealous, over an insignificant game meant for fun clean play, that I can play legit and outplay you everytime, because ever since I called you out on being a cheap player youve hounded me.

But im done, seriously, this is it. you want to be a man you message me on xbox if you got something to ask. stop being a little butt hurt gossip girl among these message boards, donk.

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