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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
I'm ecstatic to say I've just acquired (well, in the process of acquiring) 16 more volumes of The Hockey News for my collection. Essentially every issue from the beginning of the 1960-1961 season right through to the end of 1975-1976. Equals up to over 520 issues, with approximately 30 missing.

Going to be some incredible reading in there
I assume from Lee who is liquidating?

He was a great help for me in filling the holes for me. I have all issues from 1966-67 to current. That is my interest from expansion on. I assume you can tell why from user name.

BTW Habsfan. Just saw the issue that you were looking for a long time that I sent you a copy of a while back on ebay.

They do take up a heck of a lot of room.

Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
I'm fairly jealous dude. One of these days I wanna go down to the Hockey Hall of Fame resource centre in Etobicoke and browse old magazines and their binders of hockey cards but as a student that other stuff is hard to afford. I did however find that my library's site electronically has every THN issue archived going back to 2005, I'm guessing many other libraries with access to the same database have that as well.

Also if you see any cool articles in there then share a few of them here. I put up a couple from Hockey Pictorial in 1955, 3 issues of that floating online in pdf:
I have 185 issues of Hockey Pictorial/Hockey Pictorial World in my personal collection along with about 600+ other magazines that include Hockey Illustrated, Hockey World, Action Sports Hockey, Hockey Stars etc.... Two 4 drawer cabinet files worth of them and they are about completely full.

Here is part of a nice index someone put together on Hockey Pictorial. It is just the first issue but the index runs through April 1979. Great resource when I an looking for something specific.

Adams Doesn't Fool Adams, Jack 1955 October
Beliveau - Greatest In Years Beliveau, Jean 1955 October
Canadiens Call on Toe Blake, Toe 1955 October
Toronto Has Another Billy The Kid Harris, Billy 1955 October
Why Irvin Went To Chicago Irvin, Dick 1955 October
Irvin Planning War Dances Irvin, Dick 1955 October
Why I'm Through As A Pro Kennedy, Ted 1955 October
Hockey Has Been Good To Me - Bill Quackenbush Quackenbush, Bill 1955 October
The Rocket's Lucky Number Richard, Maurice 1955 October
Terry Sawchuk - Boston's Answer? Sawchuk, Terry 1955 October
Where Are They Now? - Nels Stewart Stewart, Nels 1955 October
It's 3-G Theme For Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs 1955 October
Quick, Watson - The Needle Watson, ?? 1955 October

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