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Originally Posted by Karitimes View Post
But the best part to me and the most telling part as to why he will be an impact player at the next level is when you watch MacKinnon, in game, matched up against the other key players. Wayyyy more often then not he has his way physically and offensively. He made Currie and Huberdeau look awful back in October, I was surprised actually.

Drouin helps his cause offensively, but he didn't miss a beat when Drouin was on the shelf at the start of the season. He makes impact plays against the key players at every turn in the Q.
Your last sentence nailed it, I love both kids, but if I`m a GM (and I`m far from one), I`d take Mack based on this , in spite of whom he`s playing with, or playing against, he finds a way to make an impact. As absolutely skilled as Drouin is, and as much as I love watching the kid, you take Mack out of the Mooseheads lineup, and I`m not so sure Drouin would be able to continue on in the same fashion as Mack did for that 7 game stretch without Drouin.

Another aspect of Mack`s game is his willingness to go to the net, and plant his arse there, take the punishment for the betterment of the team. Drouin isn`t afraid to go to the net, but does so less often, and with far less determination to stay there

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