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12-01-2012, 06:54 AM
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Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
pople in sports often trying to fix something only to realise it was never broken.

Nothing against sacking coach midway through season whose team cant stop loosing, but sacking a coach of winning team that just made it atop of league is brutal decision, with terrible timing and unconvincing explanation (prospects development, really ?) They could at least wait until they lose two in row and it would still look dumb move. Had Riha ate small babies I wouldnt sack him, in fact, I would yet supply him with my first born.

Imagine the player´s confusment now - winning in sports always was/is/will be magic formula that solve all troubles. Now they see that being Nr.1 isnt enough all of sudden, they are probably expected to fly or wtf. Last season´s SF aint exactly fail either, disappointment sure, but certainly not fail. Reminds me old USSR arrogance in 80s when Soviets won the WCH they just emotionlessly took the Cup any bye, no wild celebration and joy orgies on ice, nothing. We won the cup, who cares ? When they finished 3rd in 1985 World Championships we couldnt stop laughing on viral jokes about how was Tikhonov shipped to Siberia for failing to win again.
Oh, not that USSR remarks again. The stereotypes about the USSR and the player's behaviour are just not true. None of them. It has nothing to do with arrogance and I for my part still think that wild celebrations or joy orgies are just silly. There are different cultures in the world. Emotions are expressed differently in different cultures. you might persept it as lack of emotion or the wrong emotion. Deal with it. I find it funny for example how exaggerated for my understanding the facial expression of north americans is. They try to carry every emotion in their face so to speak. So much that I don't believe the emotions are really there and not just played.

Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
Seriously, SKA managment should have a word with themselves, this move is already beyond dumb.
After all results are what matters in sports. Let's talk about this move after the last game of the season for SKA. IMHO they are overreacting based on their recent history. And yes, I think desperation to win in such form can backfire.

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