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Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
Oh, not that USSR remarks again. The stereotypes about the USSR and the player's behaviour are just not true. None of them. It has nothing to do with arrogance and I for my part still think that wild celebrations or joy orgies are just silly. There are different cultures in the world. Emotions are expressed differently in different cultures. you might persept it as lack of emotion or the wrong emotion. Deal with it. I find it funny for example how exaggerated for my understanding the facial expression of north americans is. They try to carry every emotion in their face so to speak. So much that I don't believe the emotions are really there and not just played.
I dont care about stereotypes as I was watching hockey since early 80s and saw Soviets win these World Championship titles back in 80s in convincing fashion. That was the most dominating team ever, so I believe it got into their heads and became little cocky, taking every win as granted. Not to blame them, but SKA managment to think they are Soviets 198x or wth. Soviets of 80s could afford to be arrogant dicks because they were probably the best team ever assembled together.

Nowadays Russians know how to celebrate, thats sure. Ovechkin in particular is celebration king. Group win vs Svk in 2010 comes on my mind, looked far more joyous event than winning title back in 80s. Dont tell me thats just stereotype. I dont know what these 1980s players were on but it looked like they never smile, always focused. Which is OK during the game, just unnatural post game.

Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
After all results are what matters in sports. Let's talk about this move after the last game of the season for SKA. IMHO they are overreacting based on their recent history. And yes, I think desperation to win in such form can backfire.
we will see, I think it will backfire either.

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