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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
Every time I have checked Russia's production of NHL quality players has been pretty much exactly in line with the overall number of people playing the sport there and the number of hockey arenas in Russia. I've heard every excuse in the book but the bottom line to me is that if Russia wants to produce the same amount of quality players as Canada they need to build more arenas and get more kids playing the sport.

I grant you that there are also hockey culture adjustments to be made, but for an elite player I think these are overcome relatively quickly.

It happens all the time that prospects don't pan out and don't meet peoples expectations, just as lots of times players excel when they weren't expected to. It just seems to me that whenever a Russian prospect doesn't pan out over here almost every Russian fan blames it one way or another on North America when they should realize that's the way it is often with any prospect.

Now you're just shifting the argument and stating broad accusations. Let's stay on topic......the topic being your denial that cultural differences can greatly affect player performance. Just look at Evander Kane's agent's recent statements as more evidence.

Look at the KHL with North Americans. Guys like Dallman and Hodgman are performing well while Kane and Pavelski (USA olympian) are not. AHLer Hutchinson has looked better than USA top 4 d-man McDonagh. Even among Russians, loads of KHL regulars are miles ahead of NHL regulars. Yet according to your NHL worldview, we should still consider the established NHLers better?

Global hockey is an apples and oranges world, yet you're making a judgement based on counting apples only.

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