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12-01-2012, 08:08 AM
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calluses - are they a bad thing? Also, book suggestions.

I have two calluses - one on each big toe. They are on the outer side. They do not hurt, although when I was off the ice for a month and came back, the callus had worn down and it hurt for a week or so while the tough skin built back up.

So long as they're not bothering me, is it an issue? Is it fairly common for skaters to have them? If it's not an issue, I'll leave it alone. But otherwise, perhaps I should look into getting my skates punched in that area.

Book suggestions - are there any good books out there about positional playing, how to develop better hockey sense, etc? I'm getting better as I play, but I'd like to have a sort of playbook where I can read up on different styles of play, etc. I have books about power skating and the skills/mechanics of the sport, but nothing yet about different ways to run plays.

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