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12-01-2012, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by shello View Post
I wouldn't call them idiots, no matter how easy it is to call them idiots based on the performances the past while, they're fully aware of what they're doing and they're letting each age group get it's chance, this year will be the 93's-94's, next year 94's and 95's, etc. They'll get their turn eventually, remember they do want to win each year (and they have come close), but they also want to develop their future players and give them the experience. Most countries with options go for the older more experience just as well. It's easy to point and look at Hockey Canada and base off no gold and say they're idiots. Drouin will probably get an invite and only time will tell how he does.
I don't call them idiots just because they failed to win a gold medal the past 3 years...
but I won't go into a rant against HC here..not the right forum...

if you are not involved in minor hockey programs, then I suggest you get involved at some point and see for yourself the way HC operates; perhaps would come as a shock to you... but then again maybe you wouldn't have an issue with anything they do..everybody is different... I can accept that.

I use to be a volunteer at one time, once my playing days had finished...but 3 years of administrative BS at HC on the provincial level was about all I could handle...I haven't been involved since, other than being a fan of Canadian hockey players... not the organization which governs them.

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