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12-01-2012, 09:12 AM
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As much as I love iOS6 I don't want it on my laptop. Why MS would want the same OS on phones as well as the desktop is beyond me.

If I were to make Win 8, it would be continuing the trend of simplicity. Re-design the "Start" menu and force people to learn to use the quick launch. Cut the old Start menu apps area and simply launch applications. Make install/uninstall as easy as it is on OSX and most phones. Hide a lot of the technical behind the scenes crap that 99% of users don't ever need to see. Do a better job of eliminating the nagging and crap pile-up in the bottom right corner where programs keep installing. Do a better job of managing startup applications and processes so garbageware doesn't pile up.

There's a lot of opportunities for streamlining and modernizing Windows 7 while making it more efficient and need to completely overhaul the interface and run dual operating systems.

It feels like a proof of concept, doesn't it? Like they're testing it for mass consumption? But then they released it.

I have heard that Windows wants to do small annual iterations like OSX. That's a smart idea, but they need to pare the OS down and get a rock solid foundation first. Win 7 was VERY close but needed to be streamlined. Win 8 is a disaster.

I will say if they can drop the price of Windows down to $30-40 that could go a long way. OSX is free (well you need a Mac) and the 18-24 month upgrades are $30 or so. I like that a lot more than a new Windows version every 3-5 years that requires a fresh install and costs $100.

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