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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
That doesn't really answer the question.

With GMs not knowing the ramifications of the new CBA, especially with regards to contract length, and front loaded contracts, it makes perfect sense not to pull off some trades. I would expect there were quite a few GMs out there who may have been hesitant to make trades that they normally would have. Heck, some of the players are still not under contract because the cap implications were unknown.

Point is, technically, his 4th season hasn't finished yet, since he hasn't gotten the chance to ice the team that he may have been able to without the lockout. Once hockey resumes, his 5th season starts..
Burke was hired Nov 2008 and therefore the 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11 & 2011-12 NHL seasons have all passed and been completed.

The 2012-13 is his 5th season now (in progress) no matter how you slice it, as the historical NHL record books have Burke as the GM on file of those previous 4 seasons in Toronto. While he hasn't been able to ice a team yet due to his own bosses locked the doors keeping his players off the ice, it was well known this was going to happen also. So at best your argument is that his prep work for season 5 was effected by uncertainty and the lockout.

My point however was Paul Holmgren and Ken Holland and Jimmy Rutherford etc etc and all other GMs are in an identical similar situation here, and Burke is not in some unique handicapped situation here.

GM Rutherford in Carolina had no problem trading for top line center Jordan Staal and signing him to a 10 year $60 mil deal in advance of a lockout, nor dipping into the UFA pool to land a top 6 potential PPG forward in Alex Semin preparing his team for this upcoming season. He was under the same "excuse" situation of uncertainty as all his peers, and despite being a small market team playing on a limited budget seems to have address his teams needs and made improvements and when/if the lockout ends he will have his team ready in a limited amount of prep time to ice a team he believes could earn a playoff spot by his offseason improvements.

Leafs fans have to hope I suppose that in the short 1 week scramble time in a shortened season, that Burke can pull off blockbuster trades addressing the needs for a #1 Goalie and #1 Centre before the puck drops on his 5th NHL season in Toronto. All this while not mortgaging the future of picks and prospects for instant gain during his rebuild.

Its this, what Burke and his current assembled team will do in the future that numerous Leaf fans are hanging their hat on believing & hoping optimistically will bring future success to the team and improve his status and job performance as GM beyond his current 4 seasons already past, which all ended in bottom 10 overall finishes.

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