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12-01-2012, 10:35 AM
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Can I start a new thread without bashing Jacobs or Bettman?

Anyway, I think a meeting with moderate owners and hardline players works fine. The meeting is for informational purposes only. The owners can only present the thinking of the mass of owners. They are not there to deal in any manner. The key is to start to end the mistrust not to put a deal together on the spot. By the end of the session the players will have a good understanding of what it will take to end the lockout. Hopefully, the owners will have a better understanding as well. If the deadlock is about more than mistrust and neither side truly can budge then a shutdown is what's needed. I suspect the moderate owners carry more player trust at this moment. In addition, my guess is that their position while sympathetic will be a bit harsher than many expect. In any event I believe the players will look at the moderate's positions and go back and try to structure a deal. I suspect most owners want a full league and not a round robin tournament. It works for the players as well.

I suspect the owners will have a non negotiable final offer before they cancel the season.

If no one bends then the whole NHL needs restructuring. Revenues / profits/ and salaries will decline sharply.

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