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12-01-2012, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
No, it isn't.
Yep. The Board stated he won't get sacked, so if Wenger leaves, it will be basically him resigning/letting someone else take over. And quite frankly, it might be time. Yes he is an Arsenal legend, but the team is so dysfunctional. You can't change the whole team in 1 year, but you can change a whole team by switching up managers.

He will be one of the top5 managers to ever coach in EU Football, but his time might be right now to step down. Not really his fault, I'd blame it on the board above anything, but hey, we won't be able to change that

Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Why though? Most of their problems are player related, when they keep shedding players for years and replace them with worse ones it's bound to catch up to them. It's not Wenger's fault.

He's had that job for 16 years, if anyone will get them pulling in the right direction it's him. If anything the last few years should have taught English football fans how things work when you change manager in a panic.
I agree, but you can't change a whole squad as I stated above. Thats why he won't get sacked. If he leaves, it will be under his own terms, and most possibly, he will make sure that when he does leave, the board will of have already found a replacement. If you give Arsene all the money he wanted, he will be able to build a championship caliber team, hang on players like Nasri, RvP, Cesc amongst others. But that is the Arsenal Board & Ownership. They are ruining this club (Atleast for now until FPP is put in to place, and even there...)

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