Thread: WJC: Roster Talk '13 U.S.A.
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12-01-2012, 11:23 AM
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there are enough burners on this team to allow for a Biggs/Matteau to make this squad.

The overrating of big ice on here sometimes is madness! It will have an affect on certain games, but nothing earth shattering like some claim it to be. if anything, the big ice stops the flow of the game that we have enjoyed from the previous North American WJC's...too much ice can lead to less hitting, battling, and back and forth play...sometimes teams just get lost in their own end at times with all that room.

Biggs is a player that works best inside the bluelines. He wont have an issue between the bluelines as thats not his game. He will do just fine keeping up on the big ice, but in tournaments like these, you simply need guys who can outmuscle and outwork opponents in the corners and infront of the next, which is exactly what Biggs does best. No matter the ice size, that role is still needed 110%.

you are acting as if these games are just back and forth matches of ping pong on ice, with no moments of cycling down low and corner work going on. Biggs will have a specific role to play, and there will be plenty of time during every game where he will get to play his role...not bringing him for fear of a bigger ice surface is beyond stupid and idiotic combined.

you dont leave your best warrior at home for a battle.

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