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12-01-2012, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
It's interesting I have gotten to a point now where I kind of don't care if hockey comes back this year or at least I care away less? I rarely visit the lock out thread on the main board now?

Maybe it's that I got in a nice holiday and got away from it? maybe it's that we didn't have hockey for 16 years and the past 18 months is beginning to feel like it was a dream and now I am waking up to what life was like and I know the routine? Maybe it's because the world juniors is around the corner? Maybe it's that I know we will have hockey in our market for the long haul once the kids quit fighting?

Don't get me wrong if they get a deal signed and we salvage a season I will be thrilled but if it tanks now I kind of don't care as much as I should anymore......not sure what stage of grieving I am in but it's much more relaxing and enjoyable
I agree ps241.

For me, it's HOPING now that the deal is a favorable one for smaller market teams, so they are financially better off moving forward, AND a favorable draft lottery that helps us grab an even higher pick than we would have if the Jets had played this season (top 5, or so).

I honestly believe that 2013 will be a significant draft for the Jets, starting with an impact player with their first pick. There are a few holes still to fill, and if they can grab an impact or even a franchise-type player in this draft (to add to Kane, Bogo, Scheif, Trouba, Burmi, etc), then the Jets are that much closer to a SC contender.

But, whenever hockey starts again, my family and i will be at MTSC with our Jets jerseys, hats, touques, scarfs, mitts, etc. on - and cheering on our favorite team.

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