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12-01-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Gliff View Post
Is Crosby the highest paid player in the NHL?

What is so hard to understand?
So last year he was the best player in the sport? But if i do recall, Crosby was paid his current salary on his second contract. He was paid the highest. Compare that to MVP Perry (which by the way designates that Crosby wasn't the best player, but does coincide with not the most money, and yet only signifies a brilliance in one year). The best players do get paid. If they are paid less, then they choose to play for less for specific reasons. Teemu should be paid mad money, but we're getting him on the cheap because he likes us. Similarly for Jared Weaver.

But the notion that they aren't paid enough is ludicrous. Do you see Crosby only making Matt Beleskey money? No. Nowhere close to that. So I find the comment very stupid as it's making a hyperbole of the situation of something so obvious. The comment isn't even Yogi Berra-esque, but an illusion that he, Greinke, won't be making money. Explain how so many teams are strapped with bad contracts? Wells, GMJr, Abreu, ARod, and most recently will be Torii and his $26 million.

That comment runs parallel to the idiocracy notion that Torii would be willing to give the Angels a discount to play with them again, but ran counter for what seems like he was searching for $26 million for two years.

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