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12-01-2012, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Pink Mist View Post
Girl in one of my classes who I always flirt with and is touchy feely with me, although we haven't gone out or hooked up. She's cute, but I was always on the fence if I wanted to interested or not, so I never made any attempts for a move. Anyway I was walking home today and I saw her. So I was talking to her, and she asks if she can ask me a question. The way she asked made it seem like she was going to ask me out or something haha. But nope, turns out she wanted to know who the guy who sits beside me in class is because she thinks he's cute.

I guess it was kind of surprising as I thought she was into me, although I shouldn't be disappointed as I wasn't actively pursuing her. If anything though, it makes me want to make a move.
Dude that suuuucks. If she asked you who the cute guy is behind you, you are squarely seated in the friend zone. And once there, there is no escaping.


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